In march 17th 2020, the Program NEOJIBA adopted the social distancing determinations given by Bahia’s state government and suspended in-person activities because of pandemic COVID-19. In less than 48h, the Program migrated, excepting the Orchestras and the Choirs’ collective rehearsals, to the online mode.  NEOJIBA ONLINE started on march 19th, first with the musical formations from NEOJIBA Central Nucleus, and from march 23rd with the beneficiaries of the other nuclei.

During the last years, considering NEOJIBA expansion in Bahia State, the Program already was increasing its investments in the best digital platforms for activities like to project management, electronic clocking-on, remote musical teach and videoconference systems. Immediately after governmental determinations, the pedagogical and social development teams received a complementary specific training, to ensure remote monitoring, both musical and psychosocial, of all our beneficiaries and their families.

The most economic vulnerable beneficiaries, received a financial aid to acquire internet data packs, ensuring connectivity in all our 13 nuclei.

NEOJIBA also made avaiable for home use, great size instruments as double bass, keyboards and harp, by a lending contract, as it is already usual with small and medium size instruments. Most recently, we have done an impact study of our online activities and it was discovered that some families had no suitable equipment for connection. This situation is already solved with the acquisition of 40 tablets that came through a donation and now they’re being distributed, by lending contracts, to the beneficiaries

Following NEOJIBA motto, “Learns who Teaches” (“Aprende quem ensina”, in portuguese), a new Mentoring Member to Member Program was created, in wich all of the program beneficiaries that receive an aid grant were converted into godfathers and godmothers of other members, ensuring individual online monitoring of those who still are in the firsts levels of learning, and furthermore, encouraging our neojibenses (as we lovely call our children and teenagers) to have a greater social conscience.   

NEOJIBA can today feel proud of having its entire team of employees and scholarships intensively working at home to lessen the pandemic impacts, as we belive that public resources must be invested in actions for community, no matter what the situation is. 


In order to minimize the pandemic effects to those who live close to the program nuclei, the NEOJIBA WI-FI net was opened to the immediate surrounding community of the nuclei in Salvador and in the Bahia’s inland cities. Initially, the net can be accessed by those who are close to the NEOJIBA Territorial Nuclei of Feira de Santana, Vitória da Conquista and NEOJIBA headquarter located in the neighborhood of Barbalho, city of Salvador.


Recital at Home

The first “Recital at Home” was promoted by the NEOJIBA Territorial Nucleos of Feira de Santana – Antônio Gasparini and gathered more than a 100 families in the night of May 20 th 2020. It was broadcasted through NEOJIBA YouTube channel and it had more than 200 viewers. After that, other online recitals were made counting on the participation of our beneficiaries and their families from NEOJIBA Territorial Nuclei of Feira de Santana and Teixeira de Freitas, also live broadcasted through Facebook.

Equal Music

Equal Music is an Ilumina world initiative. The Festival was created in São Paulo by the American musicist Jennifer Stumm in order to generate opportunities and give access to young musicians from small communities by online mentoring, costs free, with advanced professionals and college students from remarkable international institutions. In june 2020, NEOJIBA, joined Equal Music seeking, as always, to improve the quality of the musical academic formation of its beneficiaries.

International guests

During this period of social isolation, NEOJIBA beneficiaries had classes and special meetings with international guests, such as:

Michel Bellavance, swiss flutist

Emmanuele Baldini, italian violinist

David Grimal, french violinist

Midori, japanese violinist

Gérard Métrailler, swiss trumpeter

Wayne Toews, canadian conductor

NEOJIBA ONLINE in Numbers – from march to june 2020

13 online working nuclei 

Musical activities online ofered to 1970 children, teenagers and young people in 6 cities (Salvador, Simões Filho, Feira de Santana, Jequié, Vitória da conquista and Teixeira de Freitas) 

3.033 classes with 5.650 hours

15 classes with 7 international guests

3 recitals

1.328 phychosocial consultations provided by the Social Development sector.

50 articulations with the social assistance protection network

15 meetings with the families