Expand the effects of NEOJIBA's actions through its potential as a transforming agent!

The NEOJIBA Volunteer Program (PVN) is configured to meet the needs of both the volunteer and NEOJIBA.

If you don´t live in Brazil we can still find unique ways for you to contribute by donating some of your time, services or talent from abroad. If your proposal involves an in person activity, please be sure you reunite all the maintenance and legal needed conditions (like appropriate visa and health security). NEOJIBA does not bear the costs of the volunteer or candidate.

Get in touch with us by the e-mail contato@neojiba.org and we will contact you to arrange it.

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CEP: 40.323-010
Salvador, Bahia, Brasil
Telefone:(71) 3044-2959

R.Monte Castelo Nº 62, Bairro Barbalho
CEP: 40.301-210
Salvador, Bahia, Brasil
Telefone:(71) 3032-1073