State Nuclei of Youth and Children's Orchestras of Bahia

State Centers for Child and Youth Orchestras in Bahia

The NEOJIBA program is a Bahia State Government public policy, maintained by the Secretary of Justice, Human Rights, and Social Development of the State and managed by the Institute for Social Development through Music (IDSM, in Portuguese).

We believe that artistic practice is a vehicle for human development and should be accessible to every citizen. This conviction is what has driven us since the beginning, in 2007, when NEOJIBA was founded to promote social development and integration of children and young people, especially those who live in social vulnerability, through collective musical teaching and practice.

Currently, NEOJIBA consists of 1970 direct members in our 13 centers, located in Salvador, Simões Filho, Feira de Santana, Vitória da Conquista, Jequié and Teixeira de Freitas. NEOJIBA also benefits another 4500 people indirectly through activities provided by partner iniciatives.

We form part of a large network of partners within the fields of social development, education and culture, working together so that children, teenagers and young people in Bahia can develop competencies and multiple skills to play different roles in response to the challenges of the modern era.

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01 Vaga de emprego para Analista de Recursos Humanos - Salvador

01 Vaga de emprego para Analista de Recursos Humanos - Salvador

  • 25 nov, 2021
Sarau da Arca é marcado por estreias de composições autorais e clima descontraído

Na tarde deste sábado (20/11), o Parque do Queimado foi tomado mais uma vez pelo espírito livre e diverso da Arca NEOJIBA

  • 22 nov, 2021
Candidaturas Homologadas Orquestra 2 de Julho

Candidaturas Homologadas Orquestra 2 de Julho

  • 22 nov, 2021
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