NEOJIBA Territorial Centers

After NEOJIBA´s 12th year of existence, the State Government decided to expand the effects of public policy by creating NEOJIBA Territorial Centers, distributing among the 6 macro territories of Bahia's identity, promoting a coordinated and excellent musical education throughout Bahia. The cities are chosen prioritizing areas of social vulnerability, and also areas where the public security Pact for Life Program (Programa Pacto pela Vida) and Social Justice Secretary already work together.

The NTT can also be done with the support and co-participation of civil society partners, such as non-profit institutions, and the municipal government.

The first three Nuclei were inaugurated between September and October 2019, in the cities of Feira de Santana, Vitória da Conquista and Teixeira de Freitas.


NTN has pedagogical, social, administrative, resource mobilization and communication teams, and its main function is to promote multiplication and social assistance actions in its territories, continuously supporting ongoing projects such as philharmonic bands, school fanfare, structuring projects of the Government such as Schools Cultural, and other initiatives of collective musical practice.


Each Territorial Nucleus has between 150 and 300 places for children, adolescents and young multipliers, preferably enrolled in the Young Apprentice (Jovem Aprendiz) program, that also are on technical scholarships of luthier work, music score archive or work as trainees on Music Studies in Universities nearby. The musical activities developed are in the areas of musical initiation, collective musical practice (choral singing and orchestras) and lutherie (making and repair of musical instruments).


The members and direct beneficiaries of the NTN, after undergoing training, begin multiplication actions, following the guidance and methodology of the NEOJIBA Central Nucleus, in Salvador. In parallel to musical activities, the Social Development sector carries out psychosocial and school monitoring of each member, giving guidance to existing public families.